West Coast Seeds – Zinnias Sanguinea Cupcake

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West Coast Seeds – Zinnias Sanguinea Cupcake


Zinnia elegans. Scores of 5cm (2″) wide, blood-red flowers appear high atop medium-green plants that grow to 75cm (30″) tall. The stems are strong and upright, and ideal as cut flowers. Each time they are cut, the stem divides to produce even more flowers. As they open, the flowers are instantly recognizable as Zinnias, but then they unfold and ruffle from the centre outward to take on the distinctive cupcake look of the ‘Scabiosaflora’ series. Direct sow Sanguinea Cupcake Zinnia seeds in loamy soil in full sun, and enjoy the seemingly endless cut flowers from early summer into September.

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0.3 gr. Approx. 45 Seeds

Germ 86%