West Coast Seeds – Festival Acorn Squash

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West Coast Seeds – Festival Acorn Squash


This  winter squash combines the superior sweet-flavoured flesh of a Delicata with the shape of a blocky acorn. Its festive skin has bright white and dark green markings over bright orange background stripes. Each fruit from Festival acorn squash seeds weighs 1-1.3kg (2-2.5lb), and stores for as long as three months. They are great for fall decorations, and highly ornamental. This variety produces semi-bush plants that are more compact than some of the other vine forming acorn squash types. The fruits are super delicious roasted in the oven and then chopped into soups, or served along side savoury winter vegetables during the holiday season.



  • Truly festive coloured skins
  • Great for fall decorations
  • Each weighs 1-1.3kg (2-2.5lb)
  • Hybrid seeds