West Coast Seeds – Corn Peaches and Cream

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West Coast Seeds – Corn Peaches and Cream


This fantastic mid-season bicolour hybrid produces 22cm (8.5″) long cobs, each with 18-20 rows each of white and gold kernels. The kernels actually produce two different flavours in every bite. Peaches and Cream corn seeds produce productive, 2m (6′) tall plants and very sweet cobs. Peaches and Cream has earned its popularity for gourmet flavour, sweetness, and tender, fine kernels. We highly recommend it for the home gardener. But be sure to wait until the soil is 21°C (70°F) before planting our untreated corn seeds – this is crucial for good germination of all super sweet hybrid corn varieties.

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10 gr. Approx. 48 Seeds

Germ: 97%