West Coast Seeds – Calendula Zeolights

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West Coast Seeds – Calendula Zeolights


Calendula officinalis. Zeolights Organic Calendula seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Fantastically beautiful, fully doubled blooms are a boiling complex of color, with maroon petal backs and pastel faces of orange sherbert and pink washing into yellow at the petal bases. This is a tidy Calendula bred in the Pacific Northwest that grows to only 30cm (12″) tall. Deadhead spent flowers for a longer bloom period and a tidier look. Zeolights organic Calendula bloom all summer long, and are worth trying in patio containers. All Calendula varieties produce flowers with edible petals. Try sprinkling some over a summer salad to create huge visual appeal.

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0.5gr. Approx. 65 Seeds

Germ: 89%