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Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds – Purple Basil

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds – Purple Basil


Add a splash of color and nutrition to your everyday meal. Purple basil is not as sweet as other basil varieties.


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Gelatinous seed. Please follow growing directions carefully.

  • Days to Sprout Microgreen-14+ days
  • Soak Time DO NOT SOAK
  • Storage Store seeds in a cool dry place. Store sprouts/microgreens in the fridge
  • Do not soak seed. 
  • Dampen an unglazed clay pot bottom or tray lined with Baby Blanket, unbleached paper towel or coffee filter, or soil.
  • Sprinkle lightly with dry seeds, leaving space between the seeds.
  • Spray lightly with water until damp but not too wet. Preserve moisture by loosely covering the seeds with clear plastic.
  • Spray lightly with water twice a day. Keep damp, but not too wet. When established, sprouts can be rinsed under a slow flowing tap.
  • Enjoy! Ready in 14+ days (microgreens).

Basil can be added in small amounts to regular sprouting seeds (alfalfa, lentils, etc.) in a jar or sprouter. Mix the basil in after soaking the other seed. Do not soak the basil. Do not add to much, as basil tends to be gelatinous.