McKenzie Seed – Herb Arugula

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McKenzie Seed – Herb Arugula


Arugula is a tasty salad green perfect for the home garden. Even just a few of its leaves adds a wonderfully unique peppery-sweet flavor to any type of salad. It also does not require any special growing attention and can last all summer long.

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Plant Type: Vegetable

Flavor: Peppery, slightly spicy pungent flavor

Preparation Ideas: Can be added fresh to salads. Or sautee quickly on the stove like a green with some olive oil and garlic.

Days to Germination: 4 to 7 days

Days to Maturity: 43 days

Planting Depth: 1.3 cm (1/2″)

Best Container Size: 12″+

Instructions: Sow seeds as soon as the ground can be worked. Plant 1 seed every 3 inches. When plants are well established, thin. As plants begin to mature, pick outer leaves for regular use until entire plants are harvested.

Suggestions: Companion Planting: Plant along side your favorite herbs.

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