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StackStone® Wall Barkman Concrete

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

StackStone® Wall Barkman Concrete

StackStone is a classic split-face wall system ideal for straight and curved garden walls. StackStone’s interlocking groove system locks each block in place, which helps ensure a steady wall for years to come. No matter how simple or complex your garden wall project is, StackStone is up to the task.

StackStone walls introduce a contemporary and symmetrical architectural geometry to elevate the aesthetic of any landscaping project. The fusion of smooth bevelled edges and a textured rock face creates clean, elegant lines, breathing life into your creative vision. 

Wall Estimation Tool

Experience the new Wall Estimation Tool for StackStone.  This free, easy-to-use Web Application lets you quickly estimate your next Retaining Wall project in minutes, including all quantities of Wall Blocks, Corner Units, Cap Stones, and even Geogrid and backfill materials!  The simple drawing interface makes it easy to lay your wall out and then generate a complete, professional report that can be used for costing or feasibility purposes.

Wall Estimation Tool

Wall Estimation Tutorial Video
This quick tutorial will guide you through the basics of designing your StackStone retaining wall using the Wall Estimation tool.

Note: This new Estimation tool is for costing and feasibility only. A Professional Engineer must always be retained to prepare a Final Design before bidding or construction. 


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4 X 11/8 X 8 IN, 4 X 8/6 X 8 IN


Charcoal, Desert Buff, Sierra Grey


Garden Walls