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Boardwalk Barkman Concrete

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Boardwalk Barkman Concrete

Linear Elegance for Inspiring Designs

Add a graceful appearance to any outdoor setting with our Barkman Concrete Boardwalk Paver. It is an excellent option for drawing the eye towards a focal point in any landscape. It’s perfect for pathways and is capable of being machine installed. It can also be used as a permeable paver.

All eight sizes come on a single pallet.

*Special order only.

Installation Tips

The use of a Paver Saver Mat between the paver surface and plate compactor is recommended. Polybind Complete G2 Polymeric Sand is recommended for commercial applications that are not permeable.


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9.53 X 3.50 X 3.15 IN


Pedestrian, Road / Vehicular