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Tuber Oat Grass – 4.5″

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Tuber Oat Grass – 4.5″


Description: cool season, clump forming
Foliage – variegated white/green, medium blade width; 30-35 cm (12-14″)
Flowers – June-July; 50 cm (20″)

Ideal conditions: moist to wet well drained soil; tolerates acid soil; part shade to full shade; dislikes hot dry conditions

Coldest zone: 4

Season of interest: June to October (cut back as soon as it looks scraggly)

Recommended spacing between plants: 15-40cm (6-16″)

Drought tolerance rating: 2 (water to root depth once every 2 weeks);

Partner with: Dicentra (bleeding heart), Centaurea hypoleuca ‘John Coutts’

Pronunciation: Arrhenatherum (ah-ren-AH-ther-um)



Arrentatherum Bulbosum ‘Variegatum’

The leaves have white margins with a deep bluish-green stipe running down the middle. The very bright variegated foliage is a delightful combination with small spring bulbs. Depending on the intensity of the summer heat, the foliage may need a mid-season trim to stimulate fresh new growth. It will grow back quickly.

Excellent plant for the front of the perennial border. Looks wonderful with Centaurea hypoleuca ‘John Coutts’.

Also known as Bulbous oat grass. If you look at the part of the plant that is just under the surface of the soil, you will see how it got its name.