Sempervivum x Chickcharms Gold Nuggets – 1 Gallon

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Sempervivum x Chickcharms Gold Nuggets – 1 Gallon


USDA Hardiness Zones: 3-9

Foliage Color(s): Yellow/Gold

Exposure: Full Sun

Height: 2 Inches

Spread: 4 – 6 Inches

Soil Type: Gritty, Well-Draining Soils

Habit: Rosette

Watering: Dry, Moderate

Drought Tolerant: Yes

Uses: Indoor/Outdoor

Other Uses: Rock Garden, Waterwise Garden

Type: Succulent/Perennial

Scientific Name: Sempervivum ‘Ruby Heart’

Common Name: Chick Charms Gold Nugget Hens & Chicks

Other Name(s): Hens & Chicks



The World’s first gold foliage sempervivum, ‘Gold Nugget’ has extreme vigor and is hardy in zones 3-9. Eye-catching gold color with dark pink edges is exclusive to the Chick Charms® program. Sempervivum are also technically evergreen, meaning the leaves do not fall off during winter months. This customer favorite was awarded Best New Perennial for 2019 at the IPM Show in Essen, Germany!

These drought tolerant perennials thrive in poor soil conditions such as sandy and low nutrients. Plant these in rock gardens, as ground covers, in retaining walls, or in patio planters. Hens and chicks do well in full sun or partial shade, so be sure these get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight a day. In general, the more sunlight the better as it actually helps bring out the color in the plant the more sunlight it gets. In the summer, these bloom with pink flowers.