Campanula medium champion pink – 1 Gallon

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Campanula medium champion pink – 1 Gallon


Height24 – 30 inches

Spread24 – 30 inches

Zone3 –

Tags – Attracts Butterflies

Attracts Humming-birds;



Although Campanula medium is a beautiful cutflower which should not be left out of any summer bouquet, it has one disadvantage: a biennial cultivation period in the Greenhouse, making it too expensive. It therefore never finds its way to the consumer. This has all changed with the new “Champion Series”. Champion Blue and Champion Pink were entered in Fleuroselect’s first cutflower trials and walked away with the Gold Medal. Not only the short cultivation period, but also the wonderful flowers, impressive uniformity and high productivity make ‘Champion Blue’ and ‘Champion Pink’ first class cutflowers and rightful recipients of Gold. They will certainly improve the popularity of Campanulas as cutflowers.