Balsam Colour Parade Mix – 6 pack

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Balsam Colour Parade Mix – 6 pack


While today’s impatiens, a shade-loving hybrid of African species, was virtually unknown in gardens until after World War II, balsam, which is native to Southeast Asia, was a well-known favorite by 1900. Balsam grows well in both sun and shade, and we recommend areas with some protection from afternoon sun. It sprouts in only 4-5 days and flowers early, growing to be 12-24″ tall. The narrow plants hold their blooms close to the central stem.

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Full Shade, Full Sun, Part Sun
Height 2-3 feet
Spread 10-12 inches
Ornamental Use
Life Cycle  Annual
Sow Method  Direct Sow
Flowering  Yes
Bloom Duration  10 weeks