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Aglaonema Favion (Red) 6″

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Aglaonema Favion (Red) 6″


The large, pointed leaves grow in a loose spiral around the stem and tend to grow more upwards than outwards. With proper care and time, this plant will usually grow to be about two feet tall!



Lighting: Medium to bright indirect

Water: Weekly, or once the top 1/3 of soil has dried.

Soil/Potting: Plant in a rich organic soil  in a container with a drainage hole and made of slightly porous material like ceramic. Repot annually or when plant exhibits discoloration without the presence of any mis-watering habits

Fertilize: Monthly with bacterial inoculant recommended for steady growth and to promote flowering

Temperature: Room temp, protect from harsh fluctuations in temperature particularly in the winter

Toxicity: Not deadly, but will cause irritation if ingested by humans or animals. If consumed by a pet, they won’t be able to eat enough of it to make them seriously ill – you’ll notice them throw it up and likely won’t see them chewing on this plant again