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Native Prairie Grass (Junegrass)

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Native Prairie Grass (Junegrass)


Prairie junegrass is a native, perennial, cool season tufted bunchgrass found on rangelands, plains and open forestlands.  The narrow leaves form small basal clusters from which arise several seedheads.

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Grazing/Livestock – Prairie junegrass is a component of many native plant communities. It commonly represents up to 5 percent of the community. It greens up early in the spring and provides good early spring forage and fair late spring forage for livestock.

Wildlife – Prairie junegrass is considered a fair to good forage for elk throughout the year and is desirable forage for deer and antelope in the spring and early summer.

Reclamation – Prairie junegrass is used as a component of native seed mixtures in re-vegetation of mined lands, heavy use areas and other surface disturbed lands.