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McKenzie Seed – Carrot Touchon Organic

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

McKenzie Seed – Carrot Touchon Organic


An extremely high quality carrot. Bright orange flesh, nearly coreless. Sweet and juicy. HINT: for best flavor, harvest when roots are no more than 5 cm (2″) in diameter.



Plant Type: Vegetable

Flavor: Sweet and juicy

Preparation Ideas: Great for eating raw, cooked or in juicing.

Days to Germination: 10 to 14 days

Days to Maturity: 60 to 70 days

Planting Depth: 6 mm (1/4″)

Instructions: Sow in early spring in well cultivated soil once danger of frost has passed. Uniform moisture is critical. Seedlings should be thinned to approximately 5 cm (2?) apart for optimal root formation. Sowings of carrot seed can be repeated every 2 weeks until mid-summer.

Suggestions: For best flavor, harvest when roots are not more than 5 cm (2″). Uniform soil moisture is essential in producing crisp, sweet carrots.

Product Weight: 2 grams