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Portulaca Happy Trails Peppermint – 6 pack

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Portulaca Happy Trails Peppermint – 6 pack


Plug crop time: 4 to 5 weeks
Transplant to finish: 6 weeks

  • Trailing portulaca series has the shortest photoperiod on the market today – 10 hours.
  • Sow up to 2 weeks earlier than any other trailing portulaca to meet market demands.
  • Most vivid colour assortment available, including intense Deep Red and unique Rosita.
  • Delivers brilliant colours and fantastic spread in the garden.

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Scientific Name: Portulaca grandiflora

Common Name: Trailing Portulaca, Moss Rose, Purslane

Hardiness Degree: 45°F (7.2°C)

Blooming Season: Summer, Late Summer, Autumn

Plant Habit: Trailing

Characteristics: Drought Tolerant

Water: Light

Fertilize: Once a month

Spacing: 18″ (46cm)

Height: 6 – 9″ (15 – 23cm)

Width: 14 – 18″ (36 – 46cm)

Exposure: Sun

General Information: Excellent garden performer is great for hot, dry, full-sun conditions. Big, semi-double flowers in intense, vivid colours.