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Monkshood – 4.5″

Gravel/Soil/Mulch Estimator

Monkshood – 4.5″


Type: Herbaceous perennial
Family: Ranunculaceae
Native Range: Europe
Zone: 3 to 7
Height: 2.00 to 4.00 feet
Spread: 1.00 to 1.50 feet
Bloom Time: July to August
Bloom Description: Deep purplish blue
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Medium
Flower: Showy
Tolerate: Rabbit, Deer


Aconitum Napellus

Best grown in moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Soils must not be allowed to dry out, but need sufficient drainage to prevent wet conditions from developing. Best in full sun in cool summer climates. Appreciates some afternoon shade in the St. Louis area. Needs cool nights below 70 degrees F. to grow well, and, like the related delphiniums, will often struggle in hot St. Louis summers. Cut back stems after flowering to encourage an additional late season bloom. Although plants may be propagated by division, they are often slow to establish and are probably best left undisturbed once planted.