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Low installed cost and long maintenance-free life are typical reasons to choose DuraHold2® for industrial and commercial landscaping, erosion control, protective facing and waterfront treatments. DuraHold2® standard units can be used to construct gravity or geogrid reinforced walls and tie backs can be introduced to form a combination gravity / crib wall up to 25 feet high. When site conditions are satisfactory, the DuraHold2® system does not require reinforced footings but is designed to rest on a compacted granular base.

Wall Estimation Tool

Experience the new Wall Estimation Tool for Durahold2. This free, easy to use Web Application allows you to quickly estimate your next Retaining Wall project in minutes, including all quantities of Wall Block, Corner Units, Cap Stones, even Geogrid and backfill materials! The simple drawing interface makes it easy to lay your wall out, then generate a complete, professional report that can be used for costing or feasibility purposes.

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12 X 36 X 14 IN, 12 X 72 X 14 IN




Retaining / Support / Freestanding Walls