Gravel & Soil

We carry Quality Sod, Soil and Decorative Landscape stones. They can be bagged and picked up, or we can deliver them to you.


Landscape gravel comes in many shades and sizes. From pebbles to larger stones, rocks can be decorative and practical solution. Gravel can be used to:

  • fill walking or sitting areas
  • provide drainage
  • make boundaries in the yard

To create gravel areas, level the area first, dig out grass, weeds or dirt and spread evenly. Remove all roots to prevent shoots from popping up later. Landscape fabric can help keep a graveled area weed free.


Sod is an excellent alternative to seeding your lawn. A sod carpet of densely growing grass plants is ready to be immediately replanted as your permanent lawn. Cut and fit the sod onto areas of prepared soil. Our sod is sold in 2’ x 4’6” pieces. When buying sod plan to over buy slightly to ensure you get a perfect edge to edge coverage. Regular watering encourages the grass roots to penetrate the soil bed.

Sod grass plants are healthier because they are professionally grown. Sod makes a denser lawn. Grass plants are sown close together so there are no bare spots and reseeding is not necessary. Best of all- sod has no weeds.

You can use sod to:

  • renovate your lawn
  • control soil erosion
  • eliminate mud on new properties
  • patch bare spots in your lawn

Sod must be laid immediately so be sure to prepare your soil bed first. Remember to keep the sod moist until it is well established.


Soil is a mixture of mineral particles and various types of organic and inorganic material. The size of the mineral particles determines the soil’s category:

  • clay soil
  • sandy soil
  • loam

The ideal garden soil is a combination of large and small particles known as loam. It holds water long enough for the plants but drains away the excess.

Sand or clay soils can be improved by adding organic matter (compost, peat moss, or dried manure) in the spring. The compost needs to be dug into the soil a foot or more deep to aerate the soil properly.