Why Choose Us

Each year we help many organizations reach their goals by giving back to our community.


It’s easy to do, with up to a 20% profit!

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What We Offer

  1. Ron Paul will give a 10% return on all aggregates, soils, sod, mulch, lawn maintenance, snow clearing & store products (does not apply to any applicable delivery fees)
  2. Ron Paul will give a 20% return on all trees, shrubs, annuals & perennials

How It Works

  1. Activate by simply emailing us that you want to participate. We will then send you everything you need (order forms & payment spreadsheet).
  2. What you are selling is gift cards in denominations of $20, $50 or $100 for the products listed above.
  3. Distribute & sell by handing out order forms to the participants and run your fundraiser for as long as you see fit.
  4. Collect & close by submitting all order forms, cash, cheques and payment spreadsheet to us. We will process all credit cards for you.
  5. Delivery & donation we will work with you to confirm a delivery date of your gift cards once orders are submitted to us. Then we write you a cheque for your % earned back.

Download Order Forms


Email us at info@rpgc.ca