In consultation with the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, it has been determined that greenhouses and nurseries will now be included on the essential service schedule when the new order appears on April 16, 2020.

The sales of flowers, ornamental shrubs, and other plants provides a vital source of revenue for Manitoba horticultural operators. Supporting the ongoing viability of the industry also helps uphold the integrity of the supply chain. The Manitoba Government recognizes that the survival of retail nursery and greenhouse operations depend on these businesses being allowed to operate during this crisis.

We fog all the greenhouses and the store daily with a natural disinfectant that kills 99.9% of all virus on contact.

All staff come and go via the same door and wash their hands prior to clocking in and starting their shift. We then disinfect the door they use 3 times daily (9:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm) to help ensure safety.

All staff are trained to use social distancing and we enforce this. We have spread out our teams throughout the greenhouses as we continue to seed and plant our our crops.

We have reduced the front cash to one till and have marked the safe distance to use for making transaction. We disinfect the cash till after every transaction as well as the front doors.

We have requested of the staff that while they’re working here we ask that they go home after their shift and not interact with others. The exception is for grocery shopping and we’ve requested they go during off-peak hours. The staff have agreed to this.

We have provided masks and gloves to all the staff to use off site to help maintain their health and safety.

Anyone who presents that they aren’t feeling well or has someone who has travelled recently and lives with them has been asked not to come to work for 2 weeks. At present we have 2 such staff one is able to return on April 2nd and the other is able to return on April 6th assuming they show no symptoms. Another is at work however moved in with his parents because his girlfriend had been in Asia on a trip and returned 8 days ago so he moved out so he could continue to work while his girlfriend is in self isolation for 2 weeks.

Currently we’re re-tooling our website to offer more online ordering options and delivery/curbside pick-up services. It’s a difficult time for all.