Hi, I bought a Dwarf Korean Lilac (tree form) from your nursery. Your website says it can grow in a container. What width and height container should I buy? Your website also says it won’t perform the same if in a container. What would be the differences? And finally what is the winter care if put in a container? Does it need any outside light during winter or anything else during winter?

Container Grown Lilacs in a pot is doable, but it isn’t ideal. Lilacs can get huge, and they grow best when their roots are free to spread out. When growing lilacs in containers, the first step is to pick a variety that stays relatively small. Some dwarf varieties exist, such as: Minuet Pixie Munchkin Some non-dwarf varieties that stay small include: Syringa meyeri S. pubescens S. patula Even small container grown lilacs need lots of room for their roots, so get as large a container as you can manage, preferably at least 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide. Terra cotta is better than plastic, since it’s stronger and better insulated. Potted Lilac Care Another challenge to planting a lilac shrub in a pot is getting the soil right. Use a good 4way mix and you’ll do fine. Move your container to its final resting place before planting, since it will probably be very heavy when it’s full. Place it somewhere that receives at least 6 hours of full sun every day. Keep it relatively moist, watering every time the soil dries out to an inch below the surface. Protect your lilac from the winter cold either by burying it in the ground or heavily mulching around the pot. Don’t bring your lilac inside for the winter – it needs the cold to set buds for next spring’s flowers.